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Design Services

JHD provides complete interior design services for commercial and residential projects.

About Jeanne Handy Designs

I engage clients and listen with warmth, humor, honesty and laughter. My design philosophy has always been to ask the client the question, “What’s your style?” I help them answer that question and implement the answer throughout their space. I listen to the wants and needs of my client, their likes and dislikes and the desired function. I consider the presentation of the space itself, the existing conditions and the site. Together, we determine a scope of work and begin sharing ideas to move forward.

Home Design

I love working with homeowners, architects and builders. I’ve been told that I’m remembered for my color work. I am very passionate about supporting local, fair trade and eco-friendly people and products. I have a long list of artists and craftspeople whom I regularly do business with. I most enjoy clients who want to be involved in the process and learn about good design. 

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Commercial Design

I enjoy working with business owners, architects and builders. I have a particular love for restaurant projects. I have a unique perspective because, prior to my interior design career, I was in the restaurant business myself. I ran the front of the house for two very successful restaurants, so I understand the importance of atmosphere, timing and flow in a very specific way.

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The Project Process

Each project begins with an initial consult, with the focus getting to know each-other and the scope of work. During this consult we can determine if we are a good fit for each other. Assuming we are, there are a number of ways to proceed. Together we determine what path and level of involvement will best suit the client’s needs, personality and work style. Each project is tailored to each individual client, so that we will have the most successful result and a lot of fun getting there!
  • Consult

    Determine scope of work

  • Goals

    Discuss expectations for the space

  • Plan

    Guide direction based on goals

  • Build

    Choose colors and finishes, place art & more!

  • Enjoy

    Take some time to celebrate the joy of a brand new space

Let’s get started with a free initial consultation. I am happy to meet and consider any project to determine if we are a good fit. A simple call or an email can start the process.

One-time Consults

One-time consults are also available for folks who are looking for a quick fix – a simple color consult, help with art selection and placement, or a fresh perspective on the potential of their space. Contact me to book a one-time consult today.