Jeanne Handy Designs provides complete interior styling and design services for commercial and residential projects.

Through beautiful and functional design, JHD helps clients create spaces that surround us in joy. Our ideal clients are those who want to be truly involved in the process, learning about their own aesthetics, discovering how their lifestyles or business goals affect their design choices, and uncovering the tenets of great design.

Meet Jeanne


Ever since I was a child growing up in Boston, I knew color was powerful and I wanted to play with it and be immersed in it, just breathe it in. I could not have explained it then, because it was simply second nature to me. Fast forward to post college in Rhode Island, when I followed one of my sisters to Maine. It was here that I met and began my apprenticeship with renowned interior designer, Christine Maclin. A wildly talented and generous teacher, I still find her design philosophies at the root of my own and I remain so grateful for my time with her. Next, I worked for Stephen Blatt Architects as the only interior designer on a staff of more than twenty, with incredibly skilled architects and draftspeople, many of whom I still have the pleasure of working with today. I left SBA to launch Jeanne Handy Designs in 2003, and have been humming along ever since. Most of my work has been up and down the coast of Maine and into the Lakes Region. I am now very fortunate to split my residence between Portland and Long Island in Casco Bay, with regular escapes to Millinocket and the Katahdin area.

All of my clients can expect to enjoy a fun working relationship. Design is quite personal, so we’ll definitely get to know one another. We'll collaborate. We’ll be efficient and sure, and we’ll laugh a lot.

I do believe our spaces hold us. I look forward to helping yours hold you with warmth, comfort and joy. And the power of color - my mouth still waters just talking about it!


In early 2020, I learned that my lovely cousin and fellow Interior Designer, Danielle LaPointe, was going to be moving back to Maine from the West Coast. So I cast my web. Lucky for me, I can cast a great web! With over 15 years of experience and education in the design industry, Danielle brings a fantastic and complementary skill set to the business, and even more joy, and I'm simply delighted!

Meet Danielle


Light, with its innate warmth and energy, set me into motion.

As a young girl, I can recall chasing the sunny spot on the floor and watching the light cast brilliant rainbows across the room from a prism hanging in the window. It was this notion of light moving through and defining our experience in space that ultimately inspired my journey to spatial design.

I received my BA in Architecture & Design from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I loved it. This led me to Europe, where my passion for design truly began to flourish as I studied Art History at the University of Rome, and subsequently earned my Master’s Degree in Spatial Design at London Metropolitan University. With over 15 year’s experience in the design industry, ranging from home construction and retail design across New England, to residential estate design management in Los Angeles, I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to every aspect of architecture, from the grandest blueprint to the most intricate detail.

I was so excited to return to the East Coast and I am so very lucky to now call Kennebunk home, and to laugh all day long with Jeanne at work!

Jeanne is a great listener. She is creative and responsive. Her color scheme for our home was wonderful. Her solutions for our kitchen design were innovative, thoughtful and user friendly.

- Jeff, residential client in Maine