Modern Barnhouse

It was such a pleasure being part of the team for this terrific couple’s dream of designing and building an energy efficient home that is uniquely theirs. They made each decision with so much thoughtfulness, attention and care – taking their time, asking questions, talking it through – and it is evident in every detail of this … Read more

Foreside Contemporary

“Oh my gosh! I love it! Can we do this?! Let’s do it!” This was our delightful client’s series of exclamations on more than one occasion during this wonderful process! This was our second project together and while I wasn’t sure it would be possible, we had even more fun this time around. The family was looking for … Read more

Cool and Collected

Vision! This marvelous client had oodles of it and a keen eye for great design to boot! I was over the moon to work with him and his wonderful collection of antiques and art that he had so thoughtfully curated over the years. We had a terrific time selecting finishes such as tile, bath fixtures, … Read more

East End Geometry

With family relocating to Maine and friends already here, this lovely client was happy to find a pied-à-terre in Portland’s East End for a cozy alternative to her San Francisco home. With her fantastic collection of art and her appreciation for the fine local craftsmanship that is so prevalent in our wonderful state, we were … Read more

Camden Pattern Play

So much fun when a client loves color, pattern and texture as much as I do. And when they say, “I’d like to use a lot of wallpaper in this house,” well, swoon! This was our third project for this delightful family, so needless to say, we knew each other very well from the start. … Read more

Color Me Happy

This was our second project with this terrific family and what fun we had! Considering that our first project was one we built together from the ground up, this second project was actually more challenging. We were working with a large, fairly plain, existing house, and my clients chose not to take on the expense … Read more

Yarmouth Classic

Oh my, what an enjoyable project! It was such a pleasure helping this wonderful couple transition the family home that they loved into the empty nest that they dreamed of, (not that they dreamed of just an empty nest, don’t take it personally, kids.) A beautiful renovation was already underway, opening the home to incredible … Read more

Old Home New Kitchen

When renovating our kitchen, one major guideline drove most of our decisions: our new, highly functional space needed to flow seamlessly into our charming, old 1908 home. With this in mind, we set out to design a kitchen that would allow my family to enjoy our entire home, rather than just the back portion, where kitchens … Read more

Lakeside Magic

Unique yet classic is the best way to describe this lovely cottage for a lovely family. Many locally sourced materials along with simple forms and cheerful colors provided just the right punch for this meticulously designed Maine Lake House. What a pleasure to have the client’s lifelong love of summers on a Maine lake drive … Read more

Lakefront Cottage

These fabulous snowbirds wanted a hip camp for their summers in Maine, one that could accommodate them, their adult children and their extended families. They sought the lounginess of a Maine lodge, without “too much lodge.” Their love of color shone through their wonderful folk art collection. We had lots of fun creating nooks and … Read more