Casco Bay Cape

With an amazing renovation underway, my delightful client and I understood each other immediately. The task: take advantage of this fantastic new design, featuring flowing living spaces, exceptional waterfront views and a charming neighborhood, and help bring “home” to this project. Home that reflected the client’s deep appreciation of nature, desire for comfort, and need for a space that could serve both as a calm at-home workplace, and a bustling, entertaining center for family and friends. We started with a palette pulled directly from the outdoors: sea and sky blues, grass greens and hay golds, with accents of earthy clay. Fabrics for window treatments and soft furnishings celebrated some of the treasures of wild Maine, cattails and grasses, dragonflies and sea stars. Using color and pattern, we brought balance to a terrific collection of locally made, natural wood furniture and a fantastic stone fireplace. Finishing touches included the client’s splendid art collection, also reminiscent of Maine’s magical natural beauty.

Brian Vanden Brink

Carriage House Studio Architects

William B. Winkel

Maine Home and Design Nov/Dec 2011