Just Ducky

The inspiration for this space was the client’s amazing collection of antique decoys, which he loves, but for which he did not have a proper display. The biggest challenges were the proportions and intended function (living room and dining room) of the space. Because of site restrictions and the fact that it is a converted garage, the room felt quite squat, and it has a massive, rather hard-edged fireplace right in the center. Fortunately, other than that, this room was a blank slate, so we were able to design shelves that not only were an excellent display for the decoys, with their curves echoing the ripples of water, but they also softened the lines of the fireplace. The vibe is casual elegance. We even had room for a beautiful custom bookcase and wine storage for the client’s extensive collection. It was a great opportunity to provide a wonderful client a space to relax after a long day at work, and enjoy his beloved collections.

Jamie Salomon